QuickBooks Consulting

quickbooks-pic-2DAL Small Business Solutions is the answer to all of your QuickBooks questions.  We’re here for you when you begin – “Which QuickBooks is for me?” – and stay with you all the way through to the successful daily operation of your business.  You and your business are always our top priority.  We have the experienced staff to help you overcome your accounting challenges.

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Some of the Things We Can Do to Help You…

 POS (Point-of-Sale) Integration
Many businesses use POS (point-of-sale) systems to track their services and Intuit-Certified-ProAdvisorproducts.  Some of these systems can be integrated with QuickBooks to automatically record your sales.  We can help you setup QuickBooks properly to receive the POS transactions and show you ways to check the accuracy of the entries.  If your POS does not integrate with QuickBooks, we can help you create an efficient manual entry process to transfer the sales information.

Accounting Error Correction
There are many common bookkeeping errors that can be resolved with simple changes to your transaction processing system.  Recurring and long-term errors in your QuickBooks system are often related to not setting the program up properly initially or using the built-in systems incorrectly.  These kinds of errors are usually difficult to resolve, but not impossible.  We can help you identify these errors and offer solutions to resolve the issues.

Account Analysis
An analysis of your system can identify ways to improve your accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.  Our clients have used account analysis to reduce expenses, identify entry errors, and even to target their marketing dollars for specific products and services.  Recognize trends in your business to assist with budget forecasts and staffing schedules.  Account analysis is invaluable for business flexibility allowing you to change your business as your local economy changes.

Year End Accounting
Make sure your books are in order before you send them to your tax preparer.  Nobody likes surprises at tax time.  We can create year end entries and correct any errors in your books.  Know your tax bill in advance and save money on tax preparation.

Special Projects
DAL Small Business Solutions can assist you with most of your special accounting requirements.  Some of the client projects we have completed include HST analysis and other extraordinary Revenue Canada reporting requirements, inventory systems, budget forecasts, and custom forms.  Talk to us about your special accounting projects.